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Accident victim who lost her baby entitled to fertility treatment

A woman who suffered a miscarriage following a road accident has been awarded more than £230,000 compensation plus the cost of fertility treatment.

The court heard that the woman was 35 years old when she became pregnant in 2011.  Her relationship with the father ended but she decided to continue with her pregnancy.

She was then involved in a car accident and lost her baby.  She developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and struggled to cope around pregnant women and mothers with children when she returned to work.

She resigned in March 2012 but could not find alternative work and became isolated and depressed.

She launched an online company selling jewellery and moved house for a fresh start, but on the moving day in March 2013, she experienced a second car accident, which exacerbated her PTSD.

By 2015, she was suffering from depression.  Her company failed and she could not find a permanent job.  She wanted a baby but had not been in a relationship since 2011 and was anxious to attempt fertility treatment.

She brought personal injury claims against the drivers of both cars involved in the two accidents.

The court found in her favour.  She was awarded £84,000 for loss of past earnings, with the insurer for the first driver paying 75% and the insurer for the second driver paying 25%.

She was also awarded £150,000 for loss of future earnings plus the cost of three cycles of fertility treatment, all to be paid by the first insurance company.

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