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Police officer awarded £457,000 after years of racist abuse

A police officer who was involved in protecting high profile VIPs like Tony Blair and the Royal Family has been awarded £457,000 compensation after he was subjected to years of racial abuse.

PC Nadeem Saddique worked for Cleveland Police as a firearms officer. He was the only Asian in his unit. He claimed his senior officers wanted to get rid of him and referred to him as “just a Paki” and made other insulting remarks about him.

He was later moved off VIP duties so he took legal action against the force claiming race discrimination, harassment and bullying.

He reached a settlement without compensation on the basis that he would regain his VIP status and be given extra training. However, he said the promises were not kept and his career stalled.

The Employment Tribunal has now upheld his claims and awarded him £457,000 compensation as it was considered impossible for Mr Saddique to continue his career with the police.

Speaking after the hearing, Mr Saddique said: "This has been a lengthy and extremely difficult process, which has taken a serious toll on my health and my family.

"I never wanted it to go as far as a tribunal, but after experiencing problems with discrimination for a number of years within the force and exhausting all avenues internally without success, I had to do something.”

A spokesperson for Cleveland Police said: “We have reviewed many of our policies as a result of this case and, as part of our Everyone Matters project, have delivered training sessions on equality, diversity and human rights and cultural awareness to the wider organisation.

“We are saddened that Mr Saddique is unable to progress his career as a police officer and wish him well for the future.”

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