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Private Client Update 6

Myth of common law marriage ‘puts cohabitants at risk’divorce.

Six out of ten MPs believe the law needs to be changed to give unmarried couples more legal protection if they separate.

A survey carried out by the family law group, Resolution, found that 69% of MPs agree that the public have a mistaken belief in the “myth of common law marriage”. This misconception leads many cohabiting couples to think they have the same legal rights as married couples.

It’s a misconception that all too often leads to heartache.

Dental practice manager wins constructive dismissal claim

The manager of a dental practice has won her claim for constructive dismissal after a tribunal found that she had not been given suitable training and support.

The issue arose when the manager was accused of failing to record sick days taken by a member of staff. She was suspended pending a disciplinary hearing.

Help to Buy: mortgage guarantee scheme now available

The ‘Help to Buy: mortgage guarantee’ scheme has been introduced three months early to boost the housing market and enable more people to own their own home.

The scheme applies to both new build and older properties and is available to both existing homeowners and first-time buyers. It was due to be introduced in January 2014 but the Government brought the date forward to last October.

Wife waited too long to challenge her husband’s will

People who feel they have not been properly provided for in a relative’s will can ask the courts to step in and grant them a larger share of the deceased person’s estate.

However, unless there are exceptional circumstances, they usually have to begin proceedings within a six-month time limit. Failure to so do could mean the claim will be rejected, as happened in a recent case that went to the Court of Appeal.

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