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Wife gains better divorce settlement due to husband's inheritance

A wife has had her divorce settlement increased because her husband inherited money after the original sum was agreed.

The couple had been married for nine years and had two children. Their main asset was their home, which was worth £190,000. They were both on low incomes and received tax credits.

Following the separation, the husband bought himself a house with £85,000 borrowed from his father and a £63,000 mortgage. A consent order was then made transferring the matrimonial home to the wife with her taking over responsibility for the mortgage. It was agreed the husband would receive 45% of the proceeds of the sale of the house when the children left home.  Read the full article...


Queen's Speech announces plans to extend Right to Buy discounts

The Right to Buy scheme is being extended to 1.3 million housing association tenants across England.

The scheme was previously only available to council house tenants.

The change was announced in the Queen's Speech and will be part of a new Housing Bill that will enable housing association tenants to buy their homes at substantial discounts.

Housing Minister Brandon Lewis said: "The vast majority of people want to own their own home. While substantial progress has already been made in helping people achieve this, with more than 200,000 households helped to buy a home since 2010 through government-backed schemes, further action must be taken.  Read the full article...


Family plagued by nuisance neighbours awarded £155,000

A couple who were plagued by nuisance neighbours after buying a farmhouse have been awarded £155,000 damages.

The court heard that the farmhouse had originally been owned by the family causing the trouble. They had sold it when the father had reached retirement. They retained the next-door cottage.

The farmhouse was eventually bought by a couple who used it as their holiday home.

The neighbours resented this and started to carry out acts of harassment against the couple over a number of years.

Those acts included physical intimidation, obstructing the couple's driveway, vandalising their property, burning noxious materials causing smoke, and dumping rubbish. The recorder hearing the case found that the acts were motivated by the resentment at the farm being used as a weekend home.  Read the full article...