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Criminal Defence

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When faced with a criminal allegation, and the prospect of going to prison, it is important to have an experienced Solicitor to represent your case and act on your behalf. Each criminal case is unique, and only a specialist solicitor can provide the type of representation you need. At Owen White & Catlin, we have a dedicated team of Solicitors experienced in Criminal Law.

When Should You Seek Legal Representation?

If you or someone you know has been arrested or you believe the police wish to speak to you regarding a criminal matter telephone our emergency police station 24hr line 07860 806856. If you have already been charged, contact the office most convenient to you. If you are guilty of a crime, your Solicitor may be able to argue for a minimum punishment, due to other factors. Furthermore, it may be difficult for the case to be proved against you in which case being advised on the exercise of your 'right to silence' may be appropriate.

Why choose us?

Owen White & Catlin, provide a highly individual service. Our objective is to help you during this traumatic and uncertain time. We will ensure that you receive a confidential and personal service backed up by legal representation that meets the highest standards; our track record in this area speaks for itself and sets us apart from our competitors.

Owen White & Catlin will do much more than represent you in court. We will:

  • Help you cope with the feeling of fear.
  • Gather information from witnesses.
  • Source and manage 'specialists' who may be able to contradict prosecution witnesses who exaggerate or change their stories at trial.
  • Provide you with our opinion on your situation and what is likely to happen should your case go to trial.
  • Where appropriate, assist in putting forward mitigating circumstances on your behalf.
  • Develop a Defence Strategy. We will fully explain the charges brought against you and provide you with the details known of the prosecution case.
  • Implementing our Defence Strategy. We will use specially selected experts and Barristers, where appropriate, to deliver the best result.

The Cost

A suspect in an alleged criminal offence is entitled to free legal advice from a Solicitor at a police station; this is regardless of income. At Court, legal representation is available free of charge where; the offence is serious, reputation or livelihood is threatened or where there are substantial questions of law and witnesses have to be traced and/or expertly cross-examined. Free legal representation is also available for a wide range of other circumstances. Our Solicitors will talk you through the process and prepare the necessary paperwork to obtain Legal Aid.