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Divorce and Separation

Upset Couple _90148876Divorce is a sad fact of life.  At Owen White & Catlin we recognise that no one takes the decision to divorce lightly.  However, whether you feel that your marriage is at an end or your husband or wife has made that decision, you need to have sensitive, experienced and straight-forward advice to guide you through the options that are available to you.

Once you have made a decision, you also need to have clear advice as to the impact of that decision one makes, and thereafter you need to have your case dealt with promptly with minimal emotional and financial costs.  We try to avoid the battle if possible, especially where there are children involved, as we recognise that after Court proceedings are over, both parties have to be able to communicate in the best interests of the children.  Whilst not always possible, this is an aim.

In relation to divorce, we can guide you through the process and the documentation necessary and seek agreement to the petition before this is issued.  We offer a fixed price for divorce so that you know exactly what the divorce will cost unless there is undue complication.  The complications are if someone fails to acknowledge proceedings and then has to be served personally, etc. thereafter we can help you with the financial remedy proceedings and issues arising on your assets and affairs.

We can help in relation to children and issues in respect of payments for them and parental arrangements orders.


Lonely childIn relation to children, this very often becomes a crucial point of any relationship breakdown and it is important to have this dealt with in a sensitive way as much as possible, whilst protecting your interests.

The Court requires the parties to attend Mediation to try and resolve issues concerning children, we can assist with this.  If, unfortunately proceedings become necessary because there is no agreement, we have a highly experienced team of Lawyers dealing with matters pertaining to children such as: which parent the children should live with, seeing children, parental responsibility, and all other aspects that may impinge on your family life.  Sometimes there may be a need to take proceedings promptly because of some urgency, ie: a child not returning from abroad, etc., we have experience in these matters.

The Court has changed the terminology in relation to issues concerning children, to re-emphasise that both parents have a responsbility and a right to be involved in children's welfare and upbringing, and unless there is cause for concern over one party's behaviour, this is in the best interest of the children.

Our Lawyers are all members of Resolution and members of specialist panels which recognise their expertise in these areas.

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