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Executor's Responsibilities

Man Paperwork _70491469Here is a summary of the Executor's responsibilities.  For further information, consult our guide attached.

  1. Inform next of kin, close family and any potential heirs of the death and that you are an Executor.
  2. Appoint a solicitor.
  3. Obtain a copy of the will and carry out instructions within.
  4. If necessary, register the death and assist with funeral arrangements.
  5. Ensure assets are listed and if necessary made secure, for example, locating house keys and locking property.
  6. Gather together vital paperwork, address book of deceased, Wills, death certificate and any certified copies, personal effects such as handbag or wallet.
  7. Gather all financial paperwork such as cheque books, bank statements, paying in books, credit card details, building society books, mortgage details and any cash.
  8. Locate life insurance policies and paperwork such as membership forms, shares and stocks, bonds and pension information.
  9. Find all household bills including those that are unpaid.
  10. Collect together all tax records.  At this stage do not dispose of things such as business related paperwork, tax records, wage slips etc.
  11. If the deceased person is a business owner you will need all paperwork relating to the business including VAT records and accounts.
  12. Gather details of professional advisors such as accountants, solicitors etc.
  13. Check if Probate is needed.  When someone dies, a person must deal with their estate by collecting in money owed, paying debts and dividing the estate.  Probate is a legal document issued to a person to allow them to do this.  This document is known as a Grant of Representation.
  14. Complete income tax returns if needed.
  15. Obtain advice regarding inheritance tax issues.
  16. Pay off any outstanding debts.
  17. If you need to locate potential heirs or creditors then advertise in local/national papers.
  18. Distribute the contents of the estate.
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