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Property Solicitors

Property solicitorsWith 6 offices across south west London, Surrey and Middlesex and staff who speak 13 languages, Owen White and Catlin are truly local solicitors with a global perspective. Our solicitors each have their own specialisations, but property law is a priority for our firm as a whole and we employ a number of expert property solicitors. Living and working in a densely populated urban area and accustomed to the particular quirks of the Greater London area, our solicitors have both personal and professional experience of the pitfalls which await unwary businesses and individuals.

Conveyancing and more

Most people are aware that they require professional legal assistance from a qualified property lawyer for conveyancing purposes when buying or selling a property. Conveyancing a term for the transfer of property, and property solicitors undertake the legal requirements for this, from reviewing or preparing a contract of sale through doing a property search for liens or encumbrances to registering the transfer. However, there is much more to property law than conveyancing. Other services we offer include:

  • Drawing up tenancy contracts
  • Legal advice and services on behalf of the landlord or tenant
  • Property transfer during probate
  • Remortgaging
  • Lease extensions
  • Debt recovery
  • Boundary and neighbour disputes
  • Construction and property disputes
  • Evictions

Residential property legal services

At Owen White and Catlin, we offer a comprehensive range of legal services, everything most individuals will need in a lifetime. Founded in 1921, we focus on building relationships with our clients on an ongoing basis. Our goal is to provide the legal advice and services you need at every step along the way. As property lawyers, we expect these services to run from conveyancing when you buy your first home through to making a will and probate.

Commercial property legal services

We believe that legal services should be clear and easy to access, so our aim, as property lawyers, is to make each service we offer clear and to ensure you understand whether you need it or not and why so you can make a real choice. We've worked with local businesses for decades, and provide ongoing support throughout the life of a business. Our commercial property solicitors offer comprehensive legal services, from advice on investment properties through drawing up tenancy agreements to handling disputes.

Breaking Budget News for First-Time Buyers

Stamp duty Changes. SDLT abolished for first-time buyers of property up to £300,000.  To help those in London and other expensive areas the first £300,000 of the cost of a £500,000 purchase by all first-time buyers will be exempt with the remaining £200,000 incurring 5% stamp duty.

This reduction takes place immediately in England Wales and Northern Ireland. It will not apply in Scotland unless the Scottish Government decides to follow suit.

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