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At Owen White & Catlin Defence, our Criminal Defence Solicitors provide bespoke representation covering a whole range of criminal offences. We do not wait for the prosecution to build a case against you. Instead, we take preventative measures from the outset and maintain a pro-active approach throughout.

What to do if you or a loved one:

Receive a postal requisition through the post

A summons is a document signed by a magistrate that requires a person accused of an offence to attend court. It is issued on the basis of information compiled by a prosecutor, sets out the offences in respect of which it was issued, and details when and where the accused must attend court.

If you receive a summons, it means criminal proceedings have started against you. It’s therefore vital to contact a solicitor as soon as possible. They will request initial details of the prosecution’s case to analyse the allegations, and will start building your defence.

Are released under investigation

Being released under investigation means an investigation into criminal conduct is still ongoing. This broadly means that you might be interviewed again, receive a summons, be charged or that no further action will be taken. Unfortunately, how long someone can be released under investigation depends on how the investigation progresses.

If you are released under investigation, you should contact a solicitor who can be in regular contact with the police. They will be able to monitor how the investigation is progressing and keep you informed. They will also be able to challenge the retention of any of your personal belongings.

Are charged with an offence

If you are charged with an offence, you will be given a charge sheet setting out the details of the crime or crimes you’re accused of, and will either be released on bail or held in custody. If released on bail, you’ll be subject to certain bail conditions and have to attend court at a later date. If you’re held in custody, you’ll appear before the court the next day.

If you have been charged with an offence, you should contact a solicitor immediately. They will advise you as to your rights and what is involved in going to court, and help you prepare for your hearing. They may also be able to make representations on your behalf prior to the hearing, in an attempt to secure a more favourable outcome.

We accept cases at all stages of the process, whether you have received a summons through the post, have been released under investigation, have been charged with an offence, have progressed to the Magistrates Court or are even already at the Crown Court. We also advise on challenging a conviction or sentence in the Court of Appeal.

Are arrested and asked to attend an interview under caution

If you are arrested and asked by the police to attend an interview under caution, it is vital that you contact a Criminal Defence Lawyer without delay. This is important so that your solicitor can inform you of your rights during an interview, ensure the questioning is fair and help you avoid saying anything to the police that could be incriminating.

Your solicitor will be given information on the allegations against you (known as pre-interview disclosure), and you will have the opportunity to discuss the details privately before the interview begins. During the interview, the police will ask you a number of questions, and the interview will be recorded. You can be held in police custody without charge for up to 24 hours (or 36 hours or longer in certain serious circumstances).

After the interview, the police will either decide to take no further action, release you on bail pending further investigation and possibly require you to attend for further questioning, or formally charge you with a criminal offence.

Our Expertise

We have vast experience defending clients in many different types of cases, including:

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Finding the right solicitor is crucial to the success of your case. At Owen White & Catlin Defence, our Criminal Defence Solicitors and Barristers are determined to achieve the best possible outcome. Unlike large “production line” criminal law firms, we offer a bespoke service tailored to your case and personal needs. To us, you are not just a case. We know that you need more than just advice.

We invest time in getting to know our clients in order to deliver excellent results. If you or a loved one have been accused or arrested, please contact us as soon as possible. Contact us using our online enquiry form, or call us directly on 020 8890 2836 – our friendly staff are ready to help.


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