Totting Up

Simply put, totting up is the accumulation of points on your driving licence. If you are convicted of a driving offence, your conviction will be recorded by the court and penalty points will be endorsed on your licence. Where you accumulate 12 points within a three-year period, you can be subject to a disqualification from driving, for six months at least. Totting up bans are issued by the magistrates' court.

The road traffic defence solicitors at Owen White & Catlin Defence have years of experience offering expert advice and assistance to motorists who face the daunting prospect of a driving disqualification. If you are facing a totting up driving ban, don't hesitate to contact Owen White & Catlin today to receive immediate, expert advice for your circumstances.

How Totting Up Applies

When considering a totting up ban, the court will look at how many points had accumulated on the date of the offence. That means that where you face a disqualification, it is not possible simply to delay your case until after some of the points have expired. Points are valid for three years, although you cannot have them removed from your licence until the fourth year.

Where you have no previous driving disqualifications, a six-month ban should be imposed. However, if you have previously been banned from driving you could face up to two years without a driving licence. In any case, don't hesitate to contact the expert driving offence solicitors at Owen White & Catlin as soon as possible. It can be possible for us to enable you to avoid disqualification if we can show "exceptional hardship" on your part.

Exceptional Hardship

Once you get in contact with us, the specialist road traffic defence lawyers at Owen White & Catlin will gather evidence to convince the court that a driving ban would cause you, or others, exceptional hardship. For this defence to succeed, it must be shown on the balance of probabilities that you would face more hardship than any other driver if you were subjected to disqualification. If this can be shown, the court may either decide not to disqualify, or may reduce the period of disqualification. There are a number of situations in which a court may deem that a driver would face exceptional hardship, including:

  • where the ban would restrict the mobility of a driver with severe mental health problems
  • where the ban would be a threat to the job stability of an employee by restricting them from carrying out their responsibilities
  • where you are a driver working in a career with a high level of importance to the health and safety of the public or a specific group of people
  • where the ban would cause loss of income resulting from an inability to carry out duties, and which may mean that you are unable to fulfil financial responsibilities.

Contact our Totting Up Solicitors in Feltham Today

If you or a loved one has committed a driving offence and are facing disqualification through the totting up principles, it is imperative to get in contact with the specialist road traffic defence solicitors at Owen White & Catlin Defence today. We will work with you to establish an effective defence so that you have the best chance possible of avoiding disqualification. Call 020 8890 2836 or fill out our online enquiry form.

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