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10 February 2021Written by Owen White Catlin Solicitors Category: Private Client
Many young people think that making a Will is something only older people do. Whilst they may know that reaching their 18th birthday legally qualifies them to get a tattoo in the UK, only a handful are aware that it is also the legal age for making a Will. Both options will last a lifetime, but while you may live to regret one, you will never regret the other. So why should you make a Will when you are young? No automatic rights of inheritance for unmarried partners Many young people live together without being married or in a civil…
13 January 2021Written by Owen White Catlin Solicitors Category: Blog
The Chiswick office of Owen White & Catlin would like to share our exciting news. We are relocating to our modern, contemporary premises at Sovereign House, 3rd Floor, King Street, London W6 9NA on Friday 22nd January 2021 (a short walk from our existing office). This move will allow us to provide a more comprehensive legal service to our clients. We will continue to offer bespoke advice for Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorneys, Probate, Residential and Commercial Conveyancing but with a larger team of solicitors and a greater pool of expertise. We will in addition provide specialist advice…
13 November 2020Written by Owen White Catlin Solicitors Category: Private Client
The 183-year-old law on making Wills in England and Wales has been updated to address the practical difficulties created by the coronavirus restrictions. Under a temporary change to the legislation, video technology can now be used to witness the signing of Wills. Our Wills Solicitors discuss why this method should be approached with caution.
18 September 2020Written by Owen White Catlin Solicitors Category: Family Law
The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill received Royal Assent in June 2020. From August 2021, this new legislation will introduce no-fault divorce as an option for divorcing couples, which is arguably the most significant change to this area of law in England and Wales since in forty years. Following the introduction of this new legislation, couples will be able to use a more conciliatory and reflective approach without the need to attribute blame for the breakdown of the relationship. This, in turn, should reduce the impact of unnecessary conflict between both parties as well as any children involved, ensuring everyone…
29 May 2020Written by Owen White Catlin Solicitors Category: Private Client
The statutory legacy amount has increased from £250,000 to £270,000, with effect from 6 February 2020. This is the fixed sum that surviving spouses and civil partners are entitled to if their partner dies without a Will (known as dying intestate) and they have children. Although the rise is a welcome development, it is important to be aware that dying without a Will, regardless of your family situation, can cause problems for your loved ones and estate at an already difficult time.
24 March 2020Written by Owen White Catlin Solicitors Category: Newsletters
We are living in uncertain times at the moment. I am writing to all our clients with Owen White & Catlin to reassure you that we will remain available to you for advice and legal support over the coming weeks and months, providing “business as usual” as far as we can.
24 March 2020Written by Owen White Catlin Solicitors Category: Newsletters
Owen White & Catlin is delighted to announce that our Hammersmith Office is relocating. This move is to accommodate our continued growth and enhance our client services. As of 30 March, you’ll be able to find us at our new address, which is Third Floor, Sovereign House, 361 King Street, Hammersmith, London, W6 9NA. You can find a map to the office here.
11 December 2019Written by Owen White Catlin Solicitors Category: Conveyancing
  Switching your mortgage can seem like an intimidating process, however the process is relatively straightforward, and many homeowners with a mortgage will choose to do so at one time or another. The rate of interest set by the Bank of England has remained below one per cent since 2009 – these historically low-interest rates have enabled buyers and property owners to access better mortgage rates and deals in recent years.
04 December 2019Written by Owen White Catlin Solicitors Category: Family Law
Making the decision to divorce, or being informed by your spouse that they wish to do so, will often result in strong feelings and emotions. The end of your marriage can be overwhelming – the steps you take to resolve issues arising from the end of your relationship will play a vital role in how matters will be handled and how you can move forward. Here, our expert divorce solicitors provide a list of practical tips to help you manage some of the issues that commonly arise during the divorce process. Concentrate on what will be best for your…
27 November 2019Written by Owen White Catlin Solicitors Category: Family Law
The stress and anxiety that comes with separating from your partner is only exacerbated when there are children involved. In an ideal world, parents would come to an amicable decision between themselves about what is best for their child after separation, but this is not always possible. Mediation can be used, whereby parents are assisted by an independent third party to help reach a joint decision about childcare arrangements rather than going to court where a judge makes the decision. However, if you cannot agree on the best way forward, it is always recommended that you seek legal advice…


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