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  1. Conveyancing
  2. Debt Recovery
  3. Employment Tribunal
  4. Motoring Offences
  5. Probate


At Owen White & Catlin we aim to provide clients with detailed fee information at the outset. The fixed fee quote will cover all the work that is required in your transaction. We will not breakdown the charges between different elements of the transaction as in our experience clients wish to be given one all inclusive figure for the work being done.

Conveyancing Fees

Our fees for selling and buying a property are fixed and are based on a number of factors including the value of your property. There may additional costs involved (disbursements) and these will be outlined in your quotation. Please contact us for a detailed quotation.

Basic fees are detailed below:

Sale/Purchase Price

Legal Fee

Up to £500,000

£ 900 - £1250 plus VAT

Up to £750,000

£ 950 - 1400 plus VAT

Up to £ 1 million

£995 - 1400 plus VAT

Over £1 million

An individual quote will be available on request

The appropriate fee within the above ranges will depend on a number of circumstances including:-

  • Whether the property is Leasehold and/or share of Freehold
  • Whether the property is a new build
  • Whether there is a defect in title or indemnity insurance is required
  • Whether there is a service charge payable on a Freehold property/and or a residents company
  • Whether there is more than one seller
  • Whether there is more than one mortgage to be redeemed
  • Whether a mortgage company or lender is separately represented
  • Whether the title is unregistered
  • Whether a Licence to Assign is required
  • Whether the property is comprised within a single title or not

For further information, plesase contact our conveyancing expert Anne Byard.

Debt Recovery Costs (Business to Business)

Court Claims

These costs apply where your clam is in relation to an unpaid invoice which is not disputed and enforcement action is not needed. If the other party disputes your claim at any point, we will discuss any further work required and provide you with revised advice about costs if necessary, which could be on a fixed fee (e.g. if a one off letter is required), or an hourly rate if more extensive work is needed.

Debt value

Court fee

Our fee (incl. VAT)


Up to £5,000

£35 - £205

£250 - £1,250


£5,001 - £10,000


£500 - £1,500


£10,001 - £99,999

5% of the value of the claim

£1,000 - £5,000


Anyone wishing to proceed with a claim should note that:

  • The VAT element of our fee cannot be reclaimed from your debtor
  • Interests and compensation may take the debt into a higher banding, with a higher cost
  • The costs quoted above are not for matters where enforcement action, such as the bailiff, is needed to collect your debt
  • The above costs are of course approximate and are subject to variation depending upon a number of factors, including the complexity of the matter, the amount of documentation involved and the number of parties

Our fee includes:

  • Taking your instructions and reviewing documentation
  • Undertaking appropriate searches
  • Sending a letter before action
  • Receiving payment and sending onto you, or if the debt is not paid, drafting and issuing claim
  • Where no Acknowledgement of Service or Defence is received, applying to the court to enter Judgement in default
  • When Judgement in default is received, write to the other side to request payment
  • If payment is not received within 14 days, providing you with advice on the next steps and likely costs

We would expect to be in a position to send out a pre-action letter of claim within seven days of receiving instructions and all relevant documentation from you, and would usually demand payment within seven days. If payment were not made, then we would expect to issue a claim.

For further information, plesase contact Richard Land.

Employment-Tribunal Claims

The costs of an Employment Tribunal case depend on its complexity, which is determined by many factors including the factual and legal issues, the number of claims, the amount of documentation, how many witnesses there are for both parties and how much compensation is claimed.

Employment Tribunal cases will typically take 6-12 months from start to finish if they proceed all the way to final hearing although more often than not the parties will reach a settlement drawing the matter to an earlier conclusion. In our experience most Employment Tribunal matters are listed for hearings lasting between 1 -3 days. Occasionally, a case involving a great number of documents and many witnesses will last 4-5 days. Very rarely will a hearing be listed for 6 days or longer.

A claim for unfair and/or wrongful dismissal of low complexity listed for a 1 day hearing may cost in the region of £2,000 - £4,000 plus VAT as well as barrister’s fees of £1,000 - £2,000 plus VAT.

A case of medium complexity with a 3 day hearing is likely to cost from £5,000 - £10,000 plus VAT with barrister’s fees of £4,000 - £8,000 plus VAT.

A very complex case requiring a hearing of 7 days will cost at least £15,000 plus VAT and barrister’s fees are also likely to be upwards of £15,000 plus VAT.

Our costs cover all stages of the case including taking your instructions and reviewing documents, entering into ACAS Early Conciliation, preparing the ET1 Claim /ET3 Defence, drafting a Schedule of Loss, attending a Preliminary Hearing Case Management Discussion, Disclosure, Bundle of Documents, Witness Statements, List of Issues and instructing Counsel for a Final Hearing.

For further information, please contact Jeremy Parkinson.


Motoring Offences

Drink Driving Offence, guilty plea – fixed fee range £600 - £1000 plus VAT

The fee range depends upon location of Court building where hearing is taking place.

Fee includes:-

  • 1 Hour Attendance/Preparation
  • Considering Evidence
  • Taking Your Instructions
  • Providing Advice on likely Sentence
  • Attendance and Representation at a Single Hearing at the Magistrates Court

(should there be a further attendance for sentencing, there will be an additional fee at half the cost of the original fee quoted plus VAT)

The fee does not include:

  • Instruction of any Expert Witness
  • Taking Statements from any Witnesses
  • Advice and Assistance in relation to a Special Reasons Hearing
  • Advice and Assistance in relation to any Appeal

The key stages of your matter are based on a presumption that you will enter a guilty plea at your first date of hearing.

  • Firstly, meet with your Solicitor to provide instructions on what happened
  • We will consider Initial Disclosure and any Evidence and provide advice
  • We will explain the Court procedure to you so you know what to expect on the day of your hearing and the sentencing options available to the Court
  • We will conduct any further preparatory works and obtain further instructions from you if necessary and answer any follow up queries you have.
  • We cannot provide a time scale of when your hearing will take place as this depends on the Court listing for that day
  • We will attend the Court on the day and meet with you before going before the Court. We anticipate being at Court for at least half a day
  • We will discuss the outcome with you. If advice is required on Appeal, this will carry an additional cost

Not Guilty Fees for all Motoring Matters including Drink Drive – Starting Point £1500 up to £2500 plus VAT.

(Range of fee dependent upon Court location and complexity).

NB – Drink Driving Matters are more complex and therefore the upper range of the fee.

Fee includes:-

  • 3 Hours Attendance and Preparation
  • Considering Evidence
  • Taking your Instructions
  • Providing Advice on likely Sentence
  • Instruction of any Expert Witness (for which there will be additional costs dependent upon quote from the Expert)
  • Taking statements from any Witnesses
  • Advice and Assistance in relation to a Special Reasons Hearing
  • Advice and Assistance in relation to any Appeal
  • Attendance and Representation at the first hearing, a maximum of three other hearings including a Trial itself
  • Conduct of Trial on the day by in house Solicitor or instructed Counsel

For further information, plesase contact Jeremy Huntingford.


Our Probate Department has a team of paralegals, trainees, solicitors, associates, senior associates, consultants and partners.  Each paralegal, trainee or solicitor is supervised by a partner with a minimum of 18 years’ experience.  Please see the individual biography of the paralegal, trainee, solicitor or partner for their hourly rates, experience and who is supervising them.

In a non-taxable Estate where the value of the Estate does not exceed £850,000, the cost of obtaining the Grant of Probate and administering the Estate where we are not named as Executors and there is a Will is on average between £2,500 to £3,500 plus VAT.

However the following will increase these costs:-

  • multiple assets;
  • a large share portfolio;
  • numerous assets to encash or transfer;
  • numerous legacies or multiple beneficiaries;
  • an intestacy (where there is no Will or a partially valid Will).

Where the Estate is taxable and we are not named as Executors and there is a Will, on average the cost to obtain the Probate and administer the Estate is as follows:-

  • An Estate worth upto £850,000 - £4,000 to £6,000 plus VAT
  • an Estate worth £850,000 to £1,000,000 - £6,000 to £10,000 plus VAT
  • an Estate of £1,000,000 to £3,000,000 - £10,000 to £15,000 plus VAT
  • an Estate worth £3,000,000+ - £20,000+

The factors that will increase costs include:-

  • where there is a large share portfolio
  • numerous assets to encash or transfer
  • numerous legacies
  • if there is an intestacy (where there is no Will or a partially valid Will)
  • the complexity of the Will or the Estate assets
  • whether there is a need to set up trusts
  • whether Deeds of Variation need to be prepared

None of the above quotes include advice or carrying out work in relation to Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax.  The above fee structure does not include work carried out in a contested Estate or whether there are assets abroad.

The disbursements for all Probate matters will include the following:-

  • Office Copy Entries for any property - £4
  • Swearing the Oath and Will - £7 per Executor
  • Probate Court fee ranging from £160 to approximately £190 depending how many copies of the Probate we need
  • Bankruptcy searches against each beneficiary each time that a payment is made at the cost of £2 per search
  • Will search fee of £114
  • Statutory advert fee which costs between £200 to £300

Where the estate is taxable there is also Inheritance Tax payable.

From the information provided by you our service to you includes the following:-

  • Ascertaining the assets and values of those assets as at the date of death;
  • Preparing Inheritance Tax forms;
  • Obtaining the Grant of Probate;
  • Encashing or transferring assets;
  • Obtaining clearance from the Inheritance Tax Office;
  • Preparing Estate Accounts;
  • Distributing the Estate.


For a non taxable estate with a small number of assets:-

  • it can take on average 4-6 months to submit the application for the grant
  • 2-3 months to encash the assets unless there is a sale of a property
  • the estate can be finalised within 9-12 months

For a taxable estate:-

  • it can take on average 4-6 months to submit the application for the grant
  • 2-3 months to encash the assets unless there is a sale of a property
  • Where there is a property it can take months to sell it
  • the values need to be agreed with the Inheritance Tax office – the tax office can take upto a year from submitting the forms to issue clearance
  • the estate can be finalised within 18 months plus

As each estate is unique, please contact us for a bespoke quote.

For further information, plesase contact Elnora Terakopian.

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For more information about our fees or any other questions relating to our fee structure please feel free to get in touch. Contact us using our online enquiry form, or call us directly on one of our office numbers – our friendly staff  are ready to help.



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